The Rebeltone Ranch is one badass recording studio in Southern Alberta Canada. Lethbridge to be exact. It was built from the ground up by award winning producer/singer-songwriter Leeroy Stagger in the Spring of 2016.  You know the gatefold to Neil Young's Harvest? Well thats kinda what we were going for, high ceilings, a spacious live room and LOTS of wood and loads of vibe. We grew tired of sterile studios, where you always feel like you're  watching the clock. This is one of the sweetest and warmest rooms around.

Work with Leeroy Stagger or one of our house engineers Michael Ayotte and Ryland Moranz. 

Over the last decade we have amassed a really cool collection of vintage and newer gear all based around our 24 channel  70's Trident Series 65 Console, Its warm and punchy and wants to run your music through it.

We are a full service studio and can make records to whatever suits your mood and vibe, we specialize in live off the floor old school vibes and having a good time.

Bring a band or let us put together a band of Western Canada's best studio musicians for you.

No snobby attitudes around here at The Ranch.

Stay in the studio loft or in the House, Relax in the Hot Tub after your session or hangout by the campfire. The Ranch is the ultimate hang. 

Give us a call or email and we'll see if we can make something work for ya.

Leeroy@rebeltone.com  403 393 7977